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We believe that a great company is made by a great team. The candidates we hire today make outstanding employees tomorrow. We have found that you as an employee know us the best and can refer some of the brightest from your network of friends. If you know of someone who you think befits our company culture and has a great caliber, please let us know and we can individually get in touch with them.

At Solutions Sync, our referral program is designed to help our existing employees (and non-employee too) bring their talented friends and enjoy bounty rewards. What's more, you could be gifting your friend a lasting rewarding career.

Who can participate?

Our referral program is open to all our employees (and non-employees too, if laws permit). Please note that our program is valid across borders. We encourage you to refer even if your friend is not actively looking to switch. We can connect for a possibility in the future.

How can you refer?

Referring is simple and the referral program is designed for your ease and convenience. You can refer by logging to our portal and filling up a few details in our referral form including your friend’s valid contact details. Leave the rest to us and enjoy great referral benefits.

What is considered a valid referral?

The referral should include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your valid email id
  • Your friend’s full name
  • Your friend’s valid email id
Please note referral through direct emails are not considered valid. We accept referral only through the portal.

How can I find out about the status?

Our referral portal allows you to send details of you and referred person. You can ask the status of your genuine referral by sending email us at defining your and your friend’s details.

What are the benefits of the referrals?

The referrals should be submitted only through the platform and before the start of the recruitment process. Once the process has started, any references submitted shall not be considered.

In specific cases where a candidate is referred by two or more individuals, the first one to refer on the portal shall be considered for the referral benefits.

How can I get a referral bonus?

Refer your friends by registering your profile at the referral portal and filling up the form. If the referred candidate is selected, you will be notified by an email.

Once the profile is hired, joins the workforce, and completes a tenure of three months, you will directly be credited your referral bonus after asking the bank details from you.

Please note that in case you leave the company, the bonuses will not be credited. At Solutions Sync, the referral bonuses are determined and paid per our internal policies and are subject to change without prior notice. Please follow the referral portal for changes, if any.

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